Inicio NOTICIAS Iranian news website: “Tehran targeted Netanyahu’s two sons”

Iranian news website: “Tehran targeted Netanyahu’s two sons”

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Itongadol.- The Iranian Mashark news website published a detailed plan to kill Prime Minister Netanyahu’s sons, in retaliation for the Iranian general’s elimination last week. The plan also includes the targeting of former Prime Ministers Sharon and Olmert\’s family members.

The elimination of an Iranian senior level general continues to irritate Teheran.  Iran, who is holding Israel accountable for the killing of at least 6 Hezbollah terrorists and 2 Iranians last week on Syrian soil, already made an official statement regarding acts of revenge.
Today (Sunday), the Mashark news website, which is known for being in close relations with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, challenged Israel with a dramatic plan to kill some of the family members of Israel’s heads of state, in retaliation for the alleged elimination.
The opinion column includes not only the targeting of current Prime Minister Netanyahu’s sons, Yair and Avner Netanyahu, but also the sons of former Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert. In addition to their names and photos, a detailed text regarding an intelligence plan about the two was given, regarding their whereabouts and recent activities.
However, a quick online search shows most of the information about Netanyahu’s sons was taken from Wikipedia.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards senior level official Hussein Salami stated on Saturday that “Iran needs to act against the Zionist aggression with unique measures.” He also promised the Iranian News Agency that the Iranian government will surly retaliate.    

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