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Western Wall rabbi: I am hurting and crying

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Itongadol.- Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview on Friday that the Women of the Wall organization are forcefully imposing their opinions on others and he begged that they stop.
"I am hurting. Hurting and crying over what happened here today. It wasn’t for this Kotel that we prayed. We don’t want a kotel of disagreement," Rabinowitz told the Post, in the wake of the Friday morning protest against the Women of the Wall\’s first legal prayer service.
Jerusalem deputy mayor: Women of the Wall prayer service is a provocation
Protests at the Western Wall in Jerusalem against the Women of the Wall organization ended on Friday morning with the arrest of three haredi men suspected of disturbing the peace, as well as two police officers who suffered light injuries and were treated at the scene. A large number of security forces were at the holy site, attempting to create a human barrier between the men and women\’s sections.
Several thousand yeshiva students and haredi school girls convened at the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem on Friday morning to protest the monthly prayer service of the Women of the Wall activist group.
The students shouted at the Women of the Wall activists who were conducting their first monthly service without restrictions after a court ruling two weeks ago reinterpreted existing laws and allowed them to be able to perform their own customs, such as wearing prayer shawls and tefillin, without fear of being arrested.

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