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Grunis appointed next Supreme Court president

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The Judicial Selection Committee appointed Supreme Court Justice Asher Dan Grunis as the next Supreme Court president on Friday.
Grunis, himself a committee member, did not participate in the vote.
The judge will take on his new role at the end of February, when current Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch completes her term.
In January, the Knesset lowered the minimum tenure for a Supreme Court president from three to two years when it passed the “Grunis Bill,” so called because it cleared the path for Grunis’s appointment to the role.
Politicians on the Right believe that Grunis’s views on the role of the judiciary make him less likely to order the dismantling of West Bank homes and to go against other decisions made by state authorities.
The "Grunis Bill" was controversial due to its personal nature; critics said laws tinkering with judicial appointments and other legal requirements should be passed on their general merits, and not be based around the contours of a specific case.

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