Inicio NOTICIAS Mysterious arsonist in NYC Jewish neighborhood: Antisemitic attacks?

Mysterious arsonist in NYC Jewish neighborhood: Antisemitic attacks?

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Itongadol.- Forest Hills, NY – A string of arson attacks appearing to target property owned by Bukharian Jews in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens has put the community on edge. The perpetrator, who is still at large, has succeeded in destroying seven construction starts, as well as causing heavy damage to adjacent homes. All sites belong to Bukharian Jews. No injuries have been reported.

The first incident occurred November 8 and several fires have been set since then. However, it was not until the most recent blaze, which occurred shortly aftermidnight this past Sunday, that the pattern of crimes garnered wider media attention and stepped-up police efforts.

The building site destroyed Sunday night belongs to Rabbi Zalman Zevulov, director of the Jewish Institute of Queens, an elementary school in Rego Park. Some weeks ago, an attempt to set the same location on fire was spotted early and the flames were extinguished, but the more recent fire burned the area completely, as well as damaging nearby homes.

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