Inicio NOTICIAS Former head of IDF intelligence: ISIS is much less dangerous than Iran

Former head of IDF intelligence: ISIS is much less dangerous than Iran

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 Former US official at Tel Aviv security conference: Iran will meet all obligations by late January.

Former head of IDF intelligence Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin on Tuesday said that, “ISIS is much less dangerous than the Islamic Republic of Iran,” in opening comments at the Institute of National Security Studies conference in Tel Aviv that dealt with the aftermath of the Iran nuclear deal that was reached in July.

Yadlin explained that he “still thinks this [an Iranian nuclear bomb] is the biggest potential threat to Israel” and expressed concern that now that the deal has moved forward it “is off the public agenda” and the “governments and the media are thinking more about ISIS, Russia and Turkey.”

The former IDF intelligence chief stated that the deal had made Iran “more aggressive in Syria” and is “sending more advanced weapons to Hezbollah” as well as causing greater nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

Despite the pessimistic introduction, Yadlin then charted out a middle ground approach to the deal.

He said he did not agree with either Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s approach of it having put Israel “on a platform to Aushwitz” or with US President Barack Obama’s approach that the agreement was a “historic” achievement which would totally stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

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