Inicio NOTICIAS Shin Bet thwarts terror plot hatched in Gaza to attack Jews at Joseph\’s Tomb

Shin Bet thwarts terror plot hatched in Gaza to attack Jews at Joseph\’s Tomb

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Itongadol.- The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced Tuesday that it arrested a terror cell who allegedly plotted to attack Jews praying at Joseph\’s Tomb in Nablus with explosive devices and guns.

According to the Shin Bet, who arrested the cell in conjunction with the IDF, the terrorists\’ activities were directed by an Islamic Jihad operative in the Gaza Strip.
The Islamic Jihad operative, Muhammad Darwish, was responsible for arming the cell to aid them in carrying out the attack, the Shin Bet stated.
Each member of the cell had a specific role in the attack, according to the Shin Bet. 
One of the members was responsible for supplying weapons, another gathered intelligence and two of the operatives were tasked with carrying out the attack.
One of the operatives, Nassim Muhammad Ramadan Rashid Damiri, of the Tulkarm refugee camp, had previously been incarcerated several times in Israel and is known as an operative of the Tanzim-Fatah organization.
Another cell member, Muhammad Nufak Rafik Damiri, also from Tulkarm, serves a police officer in the Palestinian police.
Another of those arrested, Yasser Jaudat Abd Tsarawi, from the Nablus area, is also a former prisoner and a known Hamas operative.
The fourth cell member, Adwan Fadel Hassan Nazzal, from Kabbatya in the West Bank, is an Islamic Jihad operative, the Shin Bet stated.
The cell members from Tulkarm were to carry out the attack, and the other two operatives served in supporting roles in the terror plot.
"During the interrogation, Nassim Damiri admitted his intention to carry out a terror attack at Joseph\’s Tomb in Nablus, and his cousin, Muhammad Damiri, admitted to conducting surveillance and collecting information on the movements of the worshipers there, in order to facilitate the attack," the Shin Bet stated.
Yasser Tsarawi confessed to teaching Nassim Damiri how to prepare a benzine bomb to use in the attack and Adwan Nazzal was asked by Muhammad Darwish from Gaza to provide weapons to the cell, the Shin Bet added.
The case has been passed to military prosecutors to prepare indictments. 
"In this investigation we have seen again very clearly that there is high motivation of operatives in Gaza to push and direct terror in the West Bank," a Shin Bet source said.

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