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US Ambassador Shapiro: Peace is necessary, just and possible

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 US shares same goal with Israel that Iran never get a nuclear weapon, Shapiro says at legal conference

US Ambassador Dan Shapiro said on Monday that between Israel and the Palestinians, “peace is necessary, peace is just and peace is possible.”

Speaking at the Israel Bar Association Conference in Eilat Shapiro said, “even where politics on both sides make negotiations unlikely” there is still a need to “find ways to remind both sides of that truth.”

The ambassador also discussed the dispute between Israel and the US on nuclear negotiations with Iran.

He said that even where the two sides disagree about the tactics, “we share the same goal, that Iran never get a nuclear weapon.”

Further, Shapiro came out strong against recent attempts by the Palestinian Authority to join the International Criminal Court.

He said that the US opposes the PA move and will “use all tools at its disposal to combat delegitimization against Israel.”

Shapiro added that the US opposes “unilateral moves from any side,” including moves by Israel to increase the settlements.

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