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Police Bust Arab Brothers Planning Terror Attack in Jerusalem

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Itongadol.- A police gag order was released revealing that the Jerusalem districtattorney on Monday submitted an indictment against two Arab brothers from eastern Jerusalem, who were arrested for planning a terrorist attack for Hamas in the capital.

The details of the attack, as well as how involved the two actually were with Hamas, remain unclear, reports Channel 10. Membership in the Hamas terrorist organization is in itself a security crime of its own.
The arrest of the brothers comes roughly a month after an indictment was filed against Akhram Joda, a Hamas terrorist who served as an electrician for Hamas and was responsible for the electricity system in the terror tunnels into Israel built to attack Israeli civilians.
Hamas has been busily rebuilding those terror tunnels in recent months, since the truce that ended Operation Protective Edge in August.
Joda also took part in construction engines to power the digging of terror tunnels, and likewise help create rockets and explosives.
Mere days after the indictment on Joda, an indictment was similarly submitted against Amar Nabahin, a Hamas member and resident of Gaza.
Nabahin was accused of putting up Hamas terrorists in his home during Operation Protective Edge, and allowing them to use his house as a base of activities in attacking IDF forces.
When the IAF bombed Nabahin\’s house, the Hamas terrorists who had been residing there moved to Nabahin\’s uncle\’s home, located adjacent to his house.

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