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On Tarmac, Netanyahu Vows: We Won\’t Accept Dictates

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Itongadol.- As he prepared to board a plane to Rome, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday morning: “Time after time, in recent years, we have repulsed attempts to dictate terms to us that would have harmed Israel\’s security and that do not jibe with true peace. This time, as well, we will not accept attempts to dictate unilateral steps with time limits attached, at a time when radical Islam is spreading throughout the world.”

Netanyahu appeared to allude to the hostage situation in Australia when he said: "In a reality in which Islamic terror sends its arms to every corner of the globe, we will drive back any attempt to bring this terror into our home, into the state of Israel, and I intend to say these things in the clearest way.
"Even if there are dictates, we will face them with a firm stand,” he vowed.
In Rome, Netanyahu will meet US Secretary of State John Kerry.
Netanyahu will try to persuade the US to veto a motion that the Palestinian delegation to the UN intends to file this week with the UN Security Council (UNSC), demanding that the UNSC recognize a Palestinian state and give Israel two years to “end the occupation” of Judea and Samaria.
The Palestinian motion is being filed earlier than was previously thought. 
The Obama administration and its European allies apparently would like to use the Palestinian proposal to put pressure on Israel, but are also concerned that such a betrayal of Israel may have the effect of solidifying support for Netanyahu ahead of the upcoming March 17 elections.

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