Inicio NOTICIAS Australian Jewish institutions under lockdown in response to Sydney hostage stand-off

Australian Jewish institutions under lockdown in response to Sydney hostage stand-off

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Itongadol.- Australia’s Jewish community has placed its educational and cultural institutions under lockdown in response to the hostage stand-off involving a suspected jihadist in downtown Sydney on Monday.

According to the Australian Jewish News, trips have been canceled and tighter security measures have been put in place.
The Community Security Group, which is the local Jewish community’s branch in charge of security and emergency management, has instructed residents to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity or objects.
Jewish Community Council of Western Australia Director of Public Affairs Steve Lieblich confirmed Jewish institutions across Australia, including schools are in lockdown and maintaining tight security measures.
He said a national security bulletin from the Community Security Group (CSG) was issued in response to the ongoing hostage situation in Sydney which states: "At this time the CSG urges the Jewish community to be alert for any and all suspicious activity taking place around Jewish installations."
Mr. Lieblich said although there is no suggestion that the perpetrator in Sydney "has tried to attack a Jewish target, it is an attempt to publicize their cause. We know the perpetrator has asked for an ISIS flag but was given a black flag with standard wording of the declaration of the Muslim faith."
"The fact that someone has perpetrated an event like this, it has caused a heightened level of vigilance for our community.
"Our CSG in WA has asked all institutions in the community to be on heightened alert. We are on level 5 of 6 alert levels."

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