Inicio NOTICIAS Israel treats 7 wounded Syrians who approached Golan border

Israel treats 7 wounded Syrians who approached Golan border

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 Itongadol.- Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz on Wednesday allowed local medics to treat seven wounded Syrians who came to the Golan Heights border earlier that morning, citing humanitarian considerations.

The IDF stressed that no change has been made to its policy with regard to its border with Syria.
Two of the Syrians were brought into Israel for further treatment, after which they will be returned home.
Four wounded Syrians were treated by the IDF last Wednesday, as well, two of whom were taken to hospital in critical condition and returned home following treatment.
In February, Israel admitted seven Syrians wounded in the unrest in Syriafor treatment through the Golan Heights, whose eastern foothills have seen fighting between Assad\’s forces and rebels. One of the men was reportedly severely wounded, while the others suffered medium injuries from bullets and shrapnel.
Six of the men were repatriated to Syria later in February. A statement issued by the IDF said the Syrians\’ repatriation "was completed at an undisclosed location for their own safety." Israel and Syria are technically at war, and some anti-Assad rebels are jihadists hostile to Israel.

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