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IDF will increase force to fight terror if needed

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday stated that, "the IDF will act forcefully against those who are trying to harm us, and if necessary, will act even more forcefully. Our policy is to use force in order to return security and quiet to the residents of the South."

Netanyahu made the comments at Sunday\’s cabinet meeting following continued terrorist rockets from Gaza and airstrikes from the IDF over the weekend.

As of Saturday night, the Iron Dome rocket defense system had intercepted five Grad rockets fired from the Gaza Strip toward Ashkelon. The renewed rocket fire came on the heels of a declared cease fire by Hamas and an IDF response asserting that fire will be met by fire and quiet by quiet.

No damage or injuries were reported from the intercepted Grad rockets.

On Saturday, over 20 rockets were fired into Israel, amounting to nearly 150 since the beginning of hostilities on Monday. A number of rockets targeted Sderot, injuring a factory worker. One projectile also smashed into an empty school, causing extensive damage.

Netanyahu also addressed the issue of migrants at the cabinet meeting, reiterating that "any infiltrator who sits on the border and waits for a bus to take him to Tel Aviv will now be taken to years of detention." On Monday the second plane carrying migrants back to South Sudan was scheduled to depart, followed by another two the week later.

The prime minister said that the border fence with Egypt would be completed this week, and combined with "fines and punishments for those who employ illegal infiltrators… we will solve this problem."

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