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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – June 24, 2012

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 Yediot Aharonot says that when asking the young people who led Israel\’s social-economic protest last summer what their agenda was, "I received at least as many answers as the number of men and women with whom I spoke." The author notes that "In the three largest issues in which the Israeli society has dealt with in the past months a united voice has not been heard from among the protesters. The \’people\’ are not taking to the barricades because they find themselves split and undecided."

Ma\’ariv declares that "Egypt has fallen. The \’cliff\’, as Shimon Peres called Mubarak, has been washed into the sea. His place has been taken by the Islamic flood."

Yisrael Hayom argues that "The missiles which Hamas, and its front organizations have fired at Israel are trying to dictate to Israel, to Egypt and to the West, an agenda of conflict between Israel and Egypt." The author advocates that "Israel must continue with the policy of striking at Hamas and extracting a price from it. Like Pavlov\’s dog, Hamas needs to know that Israel will not be dragged into a provocation with Egypt, and even if shots are fired from the Sinai, only Hamas in Gaza will bleed."

Haaretz relates to the violent confrontation between the Israel Police and social protestors over the weekend, and terms it “Violence sponsored by the state.” The editor expresses hope that “the attempt to forcibly silence social protest won\’t succeed,” and declares: “If the police and the minister in charge of them do not understand that they must respect the protest. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must make a clear statement on the matter.” The editor concludes: “Experience shows that the chance this simple expectation will be met is not particularly high. Under such circumstances, the attorney general must make clear to the authorities that protest is an inseparable part of democratic life.”

The Jerusalem Post is concerned about the influence of the Greek economy on Europe, and the resultant pressure on the Israeli economy. The editor believes that “Europe is by no means safe,” and despite the formation of a new government in Athens, he opines that “Plummeting values of European state bonds could affect Israeli banks that invested in these assets. This could send yet more shockwaves through our economy.” The editor declares: “this is the time for us to gear up for big, bad trouble. We cannot afford to be complacent spectators.”

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