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Israeli white noise gadget cancels out snoring noise

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Itongadol.- An Israeli tech team says it has an answer to the disturbing noise made by snorers, in the form of an active noise cancellation technology.

The Silent Partner device, according to its inventors, is the world’s first smart patch to quiet snoring noise.

Israel21c reports that Silent Partner does not try to prevent snoring but rather emits a white noise that creates a silent zone around the snorer, so that bedfellows may sleep without being disturbed. The innovative "subwavelength active noise cancellation" technique enables noise reduction around the snoring person which the inventors say is effective from as close as 20 cm (8 inches) away.

“The Silent Partner senses the amplitude and frequency of the disturbing sound wave and broadcasts in real-time a sound wave with an inverted phase. Based on the physics phenomena of destructive interference, the two waves line up, essentially canceling out each other’s sound,” write the founders of Silent Partner on their Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

The Tel Aviv company turned to crowdfunding to introduce its triangular-shaped nose clip to the market. Response was immediate and the team, trying to raise at least $40,000, is now close to $200,000 – or five times what it asked for.

According to the Silent Partner team, the device – which is secured to the face with a hypo-allergenic medical-grade adhesive intended for facial use – was “tried by our focus group and it was deemed to be comfortable, so you can get a relaxing night’s sleep.”

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