Inicio NOTICIAS Victim of CA shooting received threat against Israel before attack

Victim of CA shooting received threat against Israel before attack

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Itongadol.- Nicholas Thalasinos (52,) who was described by his wife as a Messianic Jew, was killed in the shooting attack this week in San Bernardino, Calfiornia.

The Los Angeles times cited Jennifer Thalasinos as saying that her husband, Nicholas, was a "very devout believer." According to the times, the couple, who met online and had been together for 14 years. Jennifer told the times that Nicholas wore tzitzit, and tie clip with the Star of David.

"He became born again a couple of years ago, and because of that I had a very strong faith," she said, "so I know that he\’s in a much better place."

According to her, he evangelized many. "He wanted to serve the Lord and bring more people to the Lord."

Nicholas\’ Friends said he was always willing to lend a hand.

Jennifer told the times that her husband, a health inspector, worked with shooting suspect Syed Rizwan Farook. She said that he was aware Farook was Muslim but had never mentioned that his co-worker had any extreme views. "If he would have … my husband would have had something to say."

According to the times, "They got along," she said. "As far as I know, (Syed) got along with everybody. That\’s what\’s so shocking."

Thalasinos said she had heard that before the shooting there may have been an argument at the party, according to the times. She described her husband as very outspoken about Islamic terrorism, with strong conservative politics.

"I\’m sure that he went down fighting and protecting people," the times quoted her as saying.

Thalasinos\’ last public Facebook post, written just hours before the shooting, mentioned receiving a threatening message related to Israel. The threat included the words "You will die soon."

In the post he defenended Israel, and emphasized his pride at being labeled a Jew.

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