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Peres attends U2 show, saluted by Bono

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Itongadol.- U2\’s Bono hailed Shimon Peres at a U2 show in Toronto on Tuesday night attended by the former Israeli president and prime minister.

On the anniversary of Operation Protective Edge, the lead singer for the Irish superstars praised Peres for his longtime efforts in trying to bring peace to the region.

“We understand President Peres, that you have tried to be the voice of reason. And you’ve dedicated a lot of your life… to try and bring peace in this really dangerous region” said the U2 front man, after calling the 91-year-old Nobel prize winner to the front of the audience before performing the band\’s landmark tune of reconciliation, "One."

"I have an easy job, I\’m just a band, but here\’s a person whose work is much tougher than mine," added Bono to the wild cheers of the crowd.

Bono urged Peres to keep working on the two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, saying “We wish that you who worked so hard in Oslo – for that incredible Oslo Accord – that you don’t give up the two state solution.”

Peres, who is in Toronto to attend an economic conference, received a phone call at his hotel with an invitation to attend U2\’s concert as a personal guest of the band, who performed once in Israel in 1997. U2 were performing at the Air Canada Centre as part of their Innocence and Experience World Tour.

The two men met between sets and Bono said to Peres, "Our job is easy. We sing about peace- but you actualize it."

Peres thanked Bono for the performance and said, "I had a special evening. You are the voice of hope and peace and I congratulate you. I saw how you inspired the crowd and I am glad your message goes out to the world."

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