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Doctor\’s refusal to treat Jewish woman tops survey of anti-Semitic incidents

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Itongadol.- The worst anti-Semitic incident of the past year involved a Belgian doctor who refused to treat a 90-year-old Jewish woman, according to the Wiesenthal Center\’s survey of the Top 10 worst global anti-Semitic or anti-Israel incidents of 2014.

According to the survey, the doctor told the woman\’s son, who called a medical hotline on her behalf, “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will get rid of the pain.”
The incident was reported by Joods Actueel, a local Jewish newspaper. It added that the woman\’s grandson, Hershy Taffel, had filed a complaint with the police.
“It reminds me of what happened in Europe 70 years ago,” Taffel was reported as saying. “I never thought those days would once again be repeated.”
Published on Monday, the Wiesenthal survey says 2014 "was a year of unprecedented explosions of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred."
The list, it adds, "shows how pervasive anti-Semitism has become around the world and is tragically indicative of burgeoning threats and challenges to the Jewish people not encountered since the end of WWII."
The second worst incident in the survey was the Jerusalem synagogue attack in November, which left four Jewish worshippers and one Druze policeman dead, as well as the two attackers.
The survey also condemns the reaction of Jordanian parliamentarians, who prayed for the killers, and the condolence letter sent by the country\’s prime minister to their families.
Third on the list is the rape of a Jewish woman in a Paris suburb in December and the beating of her partner.
Other incidents on the list are the invitation of two "notorious Israel-bashers" to address a party meeting in the German Bundestag; the proposal of a Turkish newspaper columnist that Turkish Jews be taxed to pay for the damage to Gaza during the summer war; and the declaration by Sweden\’s deputy parliamentary speaker that the country\’s Jews should abandon their Jewish identity.

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