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Netanyahu: Iran increasing efforts to deepen terrorist activities in West Bank

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Iran is increasing its efforts to “deepen” its terrorist activities in the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet at its weekly meeting on Sunday.

“No less a personage than the Palestinian Authority\’s ambassador in Tehran said that he is excited by the directives of Iran\’s ruler [Ali] Khamaeni to send weapons to the West Bank,” Netanyahu said.

The prime minister directly quoted the Palestinian envoy as saying, “The Zionist entity is an aggressive cancerous growth that sooner or later must be eliminated,” he said.

Netanyahu emphasized that these were not the words of a Hamas representative, but rather that of the Palestinian Authority\’s official in Iran.

“Now what does the UN do in response?” Netanyahu asked. “Instead of dealing with this incitement, it gives it a place of honor, the same incitement that leads in the end to the terror acts that we have experienced lately.”

In addition, he said, the UN moves forward with a unilateral Palestinian resolution in the Security Council whose aim is to impose a solution on Israel that will “establish a second Hamastan and endanger our security.”

To illustrate the UN\’s lack of objectivity, he pointed out that its Human Rights Council passed 20 resolutions against Israel this year, and only one each against Syria and Iran.

Netanyahu vowed to continue to rebuff attempts to impose conditions on Israel that “will endanger our security and future.”

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