Inicio NOTICIAS Rohani attended event calling for Israel’s destruction before UN visit

Rohani attended event calling for Israel’s destruction before UN visit

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 Itongadol.- Iranian President Hassan Rohani took part in an event in which there were calls for the destruction of Israel just days before the United Nations General Assembly.

On Sunday, a few days before he left for the UN meeting in New York, Rohani participated in a military parade in Tehran. Trucks carrying long-range missiles passed in front of him, alongside signs calling for the destruction of Israel.
A picture of the event, published on an Iranian website and by the French AFP news agency, show trucks bearing Shihab 3 missiles, which have the range to strike Israel. A sign in Persian hanging on one truck reads, “Israel must stop existing.”
Extracts of Rohani’s speech at the parade emphasize his call for a dialogue with the West, in line with the message the new president is bringing to the General Assembly.
The picture was discovered by Dore Gold, president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, who said that it reveals the truth face of Rohani and that it should not be dismissed lightly.
“The fact that Rohani is delivering positive messages in New York but just after participating in an event calling for the destruction of Israel shold be a warning to the West, said Gold. “Attaching the threat to military trucks carrying Shihab missiles capable of reaching Israel indicates Tehran’s true intentions.”

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