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Moscow mayor hopeful raises Jewish fears with anti-Semitic remarks

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Itongadol.- Alexei Navalny, the so-called "defender of Russian democracy" known in the West for his opposition to President Vladimir Putin and who is running for Mayor of Moscow in the September 8 election, is raising fear and concern among Jews and other minorities in the capital with his anti-Semitic and xenophobic remarks.
In a party celebrating the anniversary of the newspaper The New Times, the 37-year-old Russian blogger suggested that they "make the first toast for the Holocaust"; he referred to religious Jews in his blog as: "dandies in fox hats and rags" and stated that "whoever wants to live in Russia has to become Russian – in the full sense of the word."
Calling for total foreigner cleansing, Navalny’s supporters threatened Jews and other minorities, who are afraid to openly come out against the candidate.
Jews are not the only ethnic minority on the "liberal candidate\’s" mind. In a video distributed in Moscow, he identifies dark skinned Caucasians as cockroaches and states that: though one can kill cockroaches with a shoe, when it comes to human beings, I recommend using a gun."
Alexei Navalny who regularly insists on taking part in the nationalistic demonstration "Russian Marsh" (Ruskiy Marsh), has incited the skinheads in the marsh, by elaborating his ideas on immigrants and foreigners in the country. He declared: "This is our country, and it is our duty to eliminate all the crooks who suck our blood … All immigrants are like dental caries, destroying the Russian public. There is no need to hit anybody – whoever is in our way will be deported by a strong hand. There is a need for full cleansing/disinfection."
When accused of being a dangerous nationalist, Navalny stated: "nationalism is dangerous only when it is in underground – when it is part of the government it becomes more moderate," adding that "the mayor of Rome is also a neo – fascist and so far, there were no pogroms in the city.’’
His rise as a force in Russian politics began in 2008 when he started blogging about allegations of malpractice and corruption at some of Russia\’s big state-controlled corporations.
His campaign against corruption took Navalny from criticism of corporations directly to opposition of the ruling party, United Russia, which he dubbed the "party of crooks and thieves."
On July 18, 2013, he was sentenced to five years in prison on embezzlement and fraud charges while working in a postal business, but he is free pending a ruling on his appeal.

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