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President Peres speaks with PA President Abbas

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 Itongadol.- President Shimon Peres, this morning (Sunday, 21 July 2013), congratulated Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on his decision to return to the negotiating table. During the call, which the two held in the wake of recent developments, President Peres said: "There is no alternative to peace, not for us and not for you. You took a brave and historic decision to return to negotiations – don\’t listen to the skeptics, you did the right thing. Prime Minister Netanyahu also made a brave decision and he understands it is a historic call. We will do all we can to solve the conflict and to live together in peace. We want to see both nations going down the right path." President Peres stressed that Hamas brings only destruction to its people and said, "Hamas has to understand that terror will not provide food for its people, only the path of peace can do that."

Palestinian Authority President Abbas thanked President Peres for his words and said he hopes that they will continue and conclude the peace process that was started many years ago. He expressed his hope that progress will be made and that there will be an independent Palestinian state living in peace alongside the State of Israel.

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