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Report: Fijians to reenforce depleted UNDOF on Golan

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Itongadol.- The Pacific Ocean island nation of Fiji will be replacing some of the UN Peacekeepers that have withdrawn from the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) mission in the Golan Heights, according to the Fijian online newspaper The Fiji Times.
According to the report, The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations\’ military adviser at the Office of Military Affairs, Lieutenant-General Babacar Gaye told the paper that Fiji would be sending 170 individuals to the mission. Gaye said, a three member team from Fiji visited UNDOF last month and that the Fijians are expected to be deployed to the mission by the end of June.
Gaye told the paper that Fiji and a number of other states had offered to send personnel to strengthen the mission\’s dwindling number of troops, following the withdrawal of troops from Croatia, Japan, and most recently from Austria.
"The Department of Peacekeeping Operations is grateful to the Government of Fiji as the United Nations continues peacekeeping on the Golan," Gaye said.
UN Peacekeeping spokesman Kieran Dwyer told the paper that Fiji would join the 341 troops from the Philippines and 193 troops from India who were part of UNDOF at the Golan.
"Fijian peacekeepers will be part of the mission which monitors the actions of both the Israeli and Syrian armed forces within the mission\’s area of operations, and communicates with both sides to ensure that potential tensions do not escalate into a return of the ceasefire," Dwyer said.

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