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Netanyahu: Israel prepared for any scenario in new, volatile Middle East

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 Itongadol.- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that the most basic principle guiding Israel is that whoever threatens or harms it, will get hurt.

Speaking at the start of the Knesset Foreign and Defense Committee meeting, Netanyahu said: "We see a new Middle East, and it is very volatile; this is especially true on our northern border with Syria." Netanyahu said that faced with recent developments in Syria, Israel is working in a level-headed and determined fashion. "The thing that guides us is first and foremost safeguarding the security of our citizens," he said. "We are prepared for any scenario."
During the meeting, committee chairman and former Foreign MinisterAvigdor Lieberman criticized the European Union for its decision not to blacklist Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. "If we add to this Austria\’s decision to withdraw its UN force from the Golan – the picture is bleak," he said.
Lieberman added that Israel must insist that if the EU does not blacklist Hezbollah it will become irrelevant in Israel\’s eyes and cease to be a part of the discussions on regional developments. "We must arrive at the conclusion that we can only trust ourselves and not others\’ guarantees," he said. 

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