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Report: Weapons with Hebrew Inscription Found in Syria

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Itongadol.-  Weapons bearing Hebrew inscriptions have been found in the Syrian town of al-Qusayr, the Hizbullah terrorist group’s Al Manar TV channel reported on Friday.

Al-Qusayr was retaken this week from the rebels by President Bashar Al-Assad\’s forces backed by Hizbullah terrorists, after days of heavy fighting.

Al Manar’s reporter showed the various weapons, which he claimed included a 120mm flare, Uzis, Israeli communications devices and heavy rockets.

The reporter was shown in the broadcast picking up a bomb shell, on which the inscriptions "120mm," "flare" and "mark 3" in Hebrew are seen.

Al Manar claimed that the weapons are proof that Israel is backing the rebels seeking to oust Assad.

Israel was unfazed by the report, with IDF officials saying it is “a desperate attempt by Hizbulah to divert attention from its involvement in Syria."

The official stressed that Israel does not provide any kind of weapons to either of the fighting parties in Syria. Other military sources said that the equipment presented was likely remnants of Israel’s pullout from Lebanon in 2000.

Syria often accuses Israel and other Western countries of backing the rebels. At the same time, the rebels accuse Israel of backing Assad. A commander in the Syrian opposition recently claimed that Assad\’s regime has been defeated, but accused Israel of collaborating to keep him in power.

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