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Terror Attack Foiled at Tapuach Checkpoint

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 Soldiers at the Tapuach checkpoint inSamaria have arrested a Palestinian Authority resident who had planned to commit an attack.

The would-be attacker approached the checkpoint late Wednesday morning. When he was around 40 meters away, he began to show signs of stress. Soldiers noticed that he was carrying a bag, which caused them to suspect he may have a bomb.
The man was ordered to stop and remove some items of clothing, a process which revealed a knife.
During an initial interrogation the man told a commander that his bag contained a bomb he had built, which could be detonated using his mobile phone.
The man was arrested and his phone, knife and other possessions were confiscated. IDF sappers are on the scene examining the bag.
Two terrorists were caught at the Tapuach checkpoint last month. One was caught carrying eight bombs in his car, while the other was nabbed after having stabbed an Israeli man a short time earlier.

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