Inicio NOTICIAS PA police attack IDF soldiers in Hebron, riot ensues

PA police attack IDF soldiers in Hebron, riot ensues

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A riot broke out in Hebron on Thursday after a Palestinian mob joined Palestinian police in attacking an IDF force conducting a routine patrol in the area.
The Palestinian police officers and the IDF soldiers became involved in mutual pushing, and one of the Palestinian officers threw a punch. Soldiers used stun grenades to distance the PA officers. At that stage, a 250-strong crowd rapidly formed and began rioting and hurling rocks, before being dispersed by the small IDF force.
"This is a serious incident. It is being investigated by the army," the spokeswoman said.
Army sources say the fact that Palestinian police confronted an IDF force is a worrying development.
The IDF has refused to disclose further details due to the ongoing investigation.
The Ma\’an Palestinian News agency said five Palestinians were injured in the disturbances and taken a Hebron hospital.

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