Inicio NOTICIAS 10-year-old boy found murdered in Kfar Qassem

10-year-old boy found murdered in Kfar Qassem

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 The police are investigating the gruesome murder of a Kfar Qassem boy, whose body was found on Friday morning.

Ten-year-old Annas Sarsur\’s body was found in one of the Israeli Arab town\’s olive groves, about 20 yards away from his home

A police source said that signs of extreme violence were evident on the body and that the boy may have been sexually assaulted.

Police officers and forensic teams canvassed the area for hours in search of any evidence that could shed light on the case.

Investigators are now waiting for the results of Sarsur\’s autopsy.

Family members, however, hedged that the boy might have been hit by a street cleaning machines, and that his body was dumped by the driver.

"The police told us that he didn\’t die where he was found, that there was a blood trail suggesting that he crawled to where he was found and died several hours later," a family member said.

Another relative said that the family was grief-stricken "by this unforgivable crime. This was murder. Whoever is responsible should be sent to prison for life."

The police stressed that all leads are being pursued at this time.

Meanwhile, hundreds took part on Annas\’ funeral on Friday including friends from school, the Kfar Qassem mayor and senior officials from the Arab sector.

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