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No prison sentence for ex-soldier in Karp murder case

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Former soldier, Or Levy, and three youths from Jaljiliya, were sentenced instead to six months community service

Judge Mordechai Peled of the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court ruled Wednesday that the four people convicted of failing to prevent the brutal killing of Arik Karp, including former IDF soldier Or Levy, will not go to prison. Instead, all four were sentenced to six months community service.

Levy and the three Jaljilya youths were with the three men convicted of Karp’s manslaughter during the brutal attack. They were convicted in March of failing to prevent the killing by passively looking on as Karp was beaten repeatedly without calling for help or for police.

The four youths convicted of killing Karp were sentenced to 26 years in prison last week.

Levy, who initially denied the accusations against her, and attempted to distance herself from the main culprits, later confessed to failing to prevent a crime.

"The accused stood by and watched without doing anything, as [the perpetrators] continued to mete out extreme violence toward the victim, heedless of his pleas to spare his life," wrote Judge Mordechai Peled.

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