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Antisemitism. Argentina confirms the increase of a hundred percent of ansemitic incidents

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Itongadol.- The Asociation of Israeli Delegations in Argentina (DAIA) confirms an increase of 107 percent in the number of antisemitic incidents in Argentina during 2018 in comparation with the previous year, as AJN Agency of News had advanced.

“We have registered an increase of 107 percent of antisemitism in Argentina by the denunces recibed at DAIA”, said the president of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits, during a toast for Rosh Hashaná (Jewish New Year).

The actual report of antisemitism will be officialy presented at 12 pm, Buenos Aires Time, in Centro Cultural Kirchner at Buenos Aires.

Following the report, there had been 834 antisemitic acts in 2018, in comparation with the 404 reported in 2017.

The estadistics and investigation will be presented by DAIA and INADI (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism).

The anual report of antisemitism was realized by DAIA with the Gino Germani Institute and the Center of Social Studies.

This year is the number 20 since the fisrt anual report published by the political organization of the argentinian jewish community, that stablished that practice in 1998.

Report shows that 68% of the incidents had place in Buenos Aires, and 32% where in the rest of the country. About the 834 reported incidents, DAIA said that 71% happend online, mostly in web sites, and 17% of that number appeares in social networks.

The report also shows that 27% of antisemitic material online had xenophobia against jews, while 18% was pushed by the events that took place in Middle East, 17% had relation with nazi simbology and jewish world domination conspiracy among other misconceptions.

The president of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits, said to the media that «the increase of antisemitic messages is phenomenon that had been taking place in Argentina since a long time”.

«A new item (of antisemitism) was observed in the last year in which had been personal attacks against the referents of the jewish community as the Rabbi of Rosario or what happend in Buenos Aires with the agression to people wearing kippot, that had ocurred in Europa before but not in Argentina”, added.

Gino Germani Insitute present a poll of social perceptions of Jews in Argentina.

The poll shows that 53% of 1443 people interviewed agrees that there is discrimination against jews, while 87% didn’t know what it was the zionism.

The Report remarks that 61% agreed with the antisemitic prejudice of the «influence» of jews in international markets and 47% belives that jews are the first in not helping people in need.

The information for this poll was collected between June and July of this year.

In the presentation of the report, will join Knoblovits, the president of the Conferencia Episcopal Argentina y the bishop of San Isidro Monseñor Oscar Ojea, Néstor Cohen, who runs the investigation of Gino Germani Institute, the director of Social Center, Marisa Braylan and one of the principal investigatores, Verónica Constantino.

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