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First case of Zika virus in Israel

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Itongadol.- A two-year-old girl who returned to Israel with her parents after visiting South America was diagnosed as carrying the Zika virus by the Health Ministry\’s central laboratory in Tel HaShomer. She was released in generally good condition and is not considered a hazard to others, as the virus mostly infects through mosquito bites.

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported three new Zika infections in the US. All three were also recent returns from South America, and are in good condition.

Zika is mainly limited to flu-like symptoms, but can sometimes cause complications. It generally takes between three and 12 days before symptoms – such as fever, rashes, joint pains, and redness in the eyes – become apparent. In rare cases, the disease can cause more severe neurological complications that lead to paralysis.

The CDC has issued travel warnings for the heavily infected area, especially aimed at pregnant women, whose fetuses can be endangered if they are infected.

The Zika virus has no direct treatment or vaccine. Infected patients are usually treated for their symptoms, including hospitalization, fluid intake and frequent monitoring. The disease usually subsides within a few days.

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