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Christmas Concerts & Tours in Jerusalem

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 Jerusalem is getting ready for Christmas, with the local Christian community and visitors from around the world from all Christian denominations, and many other visitors from all faiths and backgrounds making plans to enjoy the festive period.

The city, holy to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, has a special ability to welcome those of all different faiths, and provide an inspirational experience for each and every traveler.

Over the Christmas period, Christmas trees can be seen along every alley and in every entrance to the many churches and monasteries scattered throughout the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. The main streets leading to the city of Bethlehem from Jerusalem are also adorned with Christmas decorations and green, red and white lights are lit to bring joy to the city\’s residents of all faiths.

On Christmas Eve, thousands of Christians living in Jerusalem and many guests who come to Jerusalem for the holiday arrive at the various churches, to celebrate the most important holiday in the Christian calendar.

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