Inicio NOTICIAS Hevron stabbers: 15 and 17-year-old Palestinians

Hevron stabbers: 15 and 17-year-old Palestinians

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Itongadol.- The terrorists behind the Hevron stabbing attack Thursday night were a pair of teen cousins living in the city in Judea, it was cleared for publication Friday.

Mustafa and Taher Fanoun, 15 and 17, arrived at a security checkpoint in Hevron\’s Tel Rumeida neighborhood overnight and stabbed a soldier; IDF forces shot them dead at the scene.

Taher posted to his Facebook page that he is a member of the "Hizab a-Tahrir" – a group which advocates an Islamist Caliphate, like Islamic State (ISIS) – and urged his fellow Palestinian Arabs to wage attacks in the name of establishing a state under Islamist Sharia law.

In addition, a suicide note was found on one of the terrorist\’s bodies, Walla! News reports.

Addressed to the boy\’s father, the terrorist stated he wants to be a "martyr," praised other "marytrs" from the current terror wave, and hoped his father will be proud of him.

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