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IDF Drill Prepares for Terror Surge in Judea and Samaria

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Itongadol.- The same day that Gaza terrorists fired rockets at Israel, with a Grad rocket striking near Ashdod, a wide-reaching logistical drill was held on Tuesday by the IDF\’s Central Command to prepare for multiple security incidents occurring simultaneously.

Lt. Col. Oren Asado, head of the Central Command\’s logistic branch, spoke about the importance of the drill which was held by the Judea and Samaria division.
"If in the large drill held by the IDF around two months ago the focus of the training was on mobilizing the forces and on an operational response, in the drill held yesterday, the entire logistical branch of the command was tested," said Asdo.
He explained that the drill involved "the mobility of thousands of fighters on roads which likely will be the focus of riots and breaches of public order."
Describing the challenge, he noted it involved "controlling hostile village spaces while providing a logistical response to transferring equipment, food, and water both to the population and to the fighters, all while under riots, gunfire, firebombs and more."
Both reserve forces, which are meant to provide the best and most immediate response to mass breaches of public order, as well as soldiers in mandatory and professional service took part in the drill.
"We presented in the day of training all of the (potential) incidents, and every commander received all the information on their front including training in practice with all the abilities and issues that we in the future will need to deal with," said Asado.
"IDF won\’t be caught off guard again"
The most recent training comes as part of an IDF effort to step up preparedness against terror threats in Judea and Samaria.
"The reality in which the army was caught off guard by the breakout of riots in October 2000 will not be repeated," IDF sources said, referring to the Second Intifada or Oslo War as it is known. "The IDF and security services are in a completely different place."
The divisions of soldiers performing mandatory army service aswell as those in reserve army duty are training "to deal with different situations of terror incidents, shootings, mass marches towards crossings and attacks on Jewish communities."
"The lessons were learned and will be implemented, the forces on the ground are equipped, and in the near future will be equipped with even more means to disperse riots, and also the command and control has gone through processes to perfect it," continued the IDF statement.
The army noted that incoming IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot chose to hold his first major drill two months ago precisely in Judea and Samaria, and in it tens of thousands of soldiers were called up within hours, each taking their predetermined position like clockwork.
"Terrorists are moving around on the ground, members of (terrorist) headquarters, those freed in the Shalit deal who are recruiting cells for a decisive day," the IDF added. "In the refugee camps there is a renaissance of Islamic Jihad and also the new \’Tanzim Fatah\’ (Fatah terrorist group) is taking its own place."

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