Inicio NOTICIAS Kspace Miami. 2015 Shabaton is an opportunity to “Jewish youth of the world meet each other in an amusing way”

Kspace Miami. 2015 Shabaton is an opportunity to “Jewish youth of the world meet each other in an amusing way”

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 Itongadol.- The 2015 Shabbaton includes jewish youth from all over the world, who will travel next August 20th, 2015 to Miami City in order to meet each other during three days, with food and residency included in a luxury hotel in which they can participate in all kind of activities.

“We have a mix between lots of Jewish contents, with the contribution of the Rabbi and others. But also we make parties at Friday and Saturday nights. As an example, at Friday´s 500 people are going to attend. There will be so much food and a wine tasting as an excuse to starting matching the young people. At Saturday, there will be time off to enjoy the hotel facilities, the pool and also to attend to a party. And at Sunday, we are going to the beach”, Nadine Dayan, the KSpace Miami Director told.
In this Fourth edition, Shabbaton is going to take place at Hyatt Hotel, whose election was not by chance. “All years we like to change the hotel and this year we choose the Hyatt, after a Deep investigation. The reasons? Because it accomplishes all our requirements: a luxury hotel, with space for lots of people and that offers kosher menu”, Dayan specified.
This year, 200 youth will join the Shabbaton, 50 more than the last edition. “Thanks to the amazing success of the last editions and to not leave out somebody, we count with more vacancy. Before we only allow 150 people.” the KSpace Miami Director said.
Part of this success is that not only the youth have a great weekend with pares, but also they would meet the love of their lives. “With the last editions, five couples were stablished and are now married with children. As well as there are three that are dating. Seeing the results give us the strength to make the Shabbaeton again. It is impressing and we continue seeing the couples that live in Miami with their children and it is gratifying.”, Dayan emphasized.
“It is a weekend in which we guarantee that everything will be spectacular. There are only a bit charges, and every participant only must buy their own flight ticket. So, in the worst case, they will be in an all-inclusive luxury hotel at Miami. There is no risk, it is only a fact of  being motivated and come.”, completed.

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