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Argentina. In the National Plenum, DAIA ratified its political representation in the Jewish community

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Itongadol.- Julio Schlosser, the president of DAIA, one of the main institutions of the Argentinean Jewish community, expressed his “emotion” for the declaration that was passed by its subsidiaries in the country, where the “ideological y social plurality that constitutes the entity´s essence” was validated, in response to the “Appeal of the Argentines of Jewish origin”, in dialogue with the Jewish News Agency (Agencia Judía de Noticias).

DAIA’s National Plenum ratified, through a statement, the Jewish community’s political representation, “mandate given since its creation in 1935 and revalidated year after year”.
The denouncement was a response to the controversy generated to the “Appeal of the Argentines of Jewish origin” to the DAIA and AMIA´s representation as the Argentinean Jewish community´s voice, organized by the Argentinean ambassador in the Alliance to the Shoa commemoration, Jorge Elbaum, that organized its first plenum of young Argentinean Jews this weekend.
This took place after the Argentinean president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, criticized the Jewish community of her country and expressed that it was connected to the American vulture funds in order to boycott the Memorandum of Understanding with Iran about the AMIA bombing. This accusations happened a few months after prosecutor Alberto Nisman´s mysterious death and two months before the 21º anniversary of the AMIA attack.
“We are comforted in face of the great turnout to this call and the Jewish community decision to work next to DAIA in everything that makes the defense of the Jewish community against all types of discrimination and anti-Semitism”, Schlosser added.
“We are excited because this document was passed unanimously by the plenum and the confederation, where the DAIA support and the commitment to continue looking for justice for our dead in AMIA is ratified”, he expressed.
The document signed by DAIA’s subsidiaries of the country recognizes “DAIA´s commitment to the dignity´s defense of the Jewish community and every human being, with the fight against anti-Semitism, no matter where it comes from, the denounce of every type of discrimination, whatever their authors or victims are, the untiring fight for the truth and the justice in the cause of the attack of July 18º, 1994”.
Besides, Schlosser outlined that the “great turnout shows that not only the best for the Jewish community is wanted, but also for the entire country. The Jewish community will never enter in a partisan controversy nor the national politics, it will always stand beside the inclusion”.

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