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Elections official: Knesset votes to disperse

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Itongadol.- The Knesset House Committee and then the Knesset plenum voted on Monday to disperse the parliament.

The vote passed unanimously 93 for and 0 against. The vote officially dissolves the Knesset until the next elections, set for March 17.

Before the bill was voted on, MKs spoke out, taking their turns voicing their woes on the stand before the other members.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein was the final speaker, saying that despite political rivalries and difficult emotions, the MKs should respect one another, the Knesset and democracy.

The final action of the 19th Knesset before dispersal was passing the third version of the so-called \’\’infiltrators law\’\’ with 47 votes for and 23 against, hours after the new version of the law was approved in committee.

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