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Paris Hilton Death Threats By Anti-Semitic Man

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Itongadol.- An anti-Semitic man — who believes Paris Hilton is Jewish — has threatened to kill her, and we\’ve learned the LAPD is after him.

Cops just got a search warrant  allowing them to track down the Instagram and Facebook account of someone who is making overt threats against Paris and her dad, Rick Hilton.
In one post, the man writes to Rick, "one month and she\’s dead, she\’s never coming home." 
The man says in another post, "Invite [Paris] to the match so we can gang raper her ass hahahahahaha." And then he threatens, "I\’ll beat u and that bitch to unconscious."
The guy clearly thinks the Hiltons are Jewish — which they are not. He wrote, "KILL JEWS FOR FUN," and "I know ur Jew family gives nothing" … an obtuse accusation that the Hiltons are cheap.
Our law enforcement sources say cops think they know who\’s making the threats, but they need the Facebook and Instagram verification before they can make an arrest.

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