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Postal service escalates dispute to full strike

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 Itongadol.- The dispute centers around a financial restructuring plan that includes dismissing 2,000 workers.

The Israel Postal Company will escalate a labor dispute into a full strike on Tuesday, following its refusal to deliver mail in Tel Aviv and the Center on Monday.

The dispute centers around a plan to restructure the financially unstable company that includes dismissing 2,000 workers, which the postal union complained was “unilateral.”

Postal Union chairman Shimon Farjun accused Postal Company CEO Haim Elmoznino of “personally persecuting” union members, chastising him for shifting the repercussions of the management’s failures onto the workers.

“You completely neglected the professional workers in the company, and in the first quarter of 2014 alone we are millions of shekels short of the targets you set,” Farjun wrote Elmoznino in a letter. “You are asking even these losses to be covered through cuts to company workers’ salaries.”

Farjun went on to lay the blame for the strike at Elmoznino’s feet, complaining that he had continued unilateral steps instead of returning to the negotiating table since the initial announcement of labor sanctions Sunday evening.

The Postal Company argued that the lay-offs were necessary in light of the significant financial difficulties it faces.

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