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Nasrallah: Hezbollah carried out border attack against IDF troops last month

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 Itongadol.- Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah acknowledged on Monday that the Lebanese-based Shi’ite group planted the explosive device on Har Dov last month that hit an IDF convoy.

One of the armored vehicles was directly hit by the explosion, but there were no injuries among soldiers.
Three soldiers were taken to Ziv Medical Center in Safed for precautionary check-ups.
In an interview with the Arab-language daily As-Safir, Nasrallah said the attack was Hezbollah’s response to Israeli strikes against Hezbollah positions near the border.
“Israel understood the message,” Nasrallah is quoted as saying.
Nasrallah also said that Syrian President Bashar Assad\’s regime is no longer in danger of being toppled, and that Israel is concerned by developments on the ground, Lebanese media reported Sunday.
Citing comments made to Lebanese daily As-Safir, slated to be published Monday, Lebanese newspaper The Daily Starquoted Nasrallah as saying that while Israel has previously benefited from events in Syria, it was now becoming increasingly concerned by the changing situation on the ground. He reportedly said that Israel is consequently monitoring the Galilee region in the North of the country, out of fear of attacks.
He added that Israel\’s fear of the Iranian nuclear threat was also growing daily. 
Nasrallah also reiterated his justification for sending his forces to Syria. In comments made on the matter last week, he said that Sunni rebel groups would "eliminate everyone in Lebanon" if they won in Syria.
"The problem in Lebanon is not that Hezbollah went to Syria, but that we were late in doing so," he said. "This resistance will remain solid, with its head hung high, protecting its people and its nation."
Established nearly 30 years ago to confront Israel\’s occupation of south Lebanon, Hezbollah once won praise from Sunnis and Shi\’ites across the Middle East. But its fight alongside Assad has lost it much domestic and international support.

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