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KFC chicken smuggled into Gaza through tunnels

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Itongadol.- A delivery company is smuggling KFC chicken into Gaza though secret supply tunnels, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

According to the report by the British newspaper, the Al-Yamama company is running consignments of the Colonel\’s secret recipe, carried by hand through a network of tunnels under the border with Egypt.

However, the Daily Mail said, the buckets of legs, wings and breasts are not such a bargain, as they come at three times the normal cost.

While a family meal costs around $11 US from the el-Arish KFC restaurant in the Egyptian North Sinai, the price of getting it into Gaza is a further $30. The delivery company says the higher price is due to the transportation and smuggling fees.

Al-Yamama company accountant Mohammed Al-Madani explained the delivery men face a series of obstacles in bringing the food to Gaza, including Hamas security men inspecting the boxes, an unreliable taxi service on the Egyptian side and "the possibility the Israel might send warplanes to bomb the tunnels."

Since offering the service the late last month, the company has made four deliveries of KFC food to Gaza, each consisting of around two dozen meals.

Aboud Fares, a 22- year-old student who lives in Gaza, told the Xinhua news agency: "It\’s delicious even though it\’s not hot."

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