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Netanyahu: We mustn’t surrender our fate to others

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Itongadol.-  A national memorial ceremony, honoring Israel\’s deceased prime ministers and presidents, was held Sunday at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem, in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres.

Speaking at the ceremony, Netanyahu said "We mustn’t surrender our fate to the hands of others. Our ability to protect ourselves – against Iran, Syria, Hezbollah , or any other source that threatens to harm us – is where our deterrence lies.

"At the same time," the prime minister added, "we must work to gain allies in the region and beyond."

The ceremony, held annually, was dedicated this year to Israel\’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and sixth president Chaim Herzog.

President Shimon Peres spoke of the two leaders, noting that Israel\’s first prime minister was "an outstanding leader," and that the sixth president was led by national considerations rather than by partisan ones, when he decided to form a national unity government in the face of inflation.

Activists and scholars were awarded for memorializing Ben Gurion and Herzog

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