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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – December 9, 2012

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 Yediot Aharonot says, "If anyone thought that after Operation Pillar of Defense, Hamas would change its path even a little bit, they need only look at the square in Gaza in order to understand that Hamas, at the start of 2013, is more extremist and arrogant than ever, and with much greater self-confidence." The author refers to Khaled Mashaal\’s remarks and reminds his readers that, "He spoke not a word about the ceasefire, reconstruction and a different future for Gaza. He only dealt with the continuation of terrorism and the need for financial aid in order to build a stronger military force ahead of another round of fighting." The paper asserts, "Another round is [merely] a question of time."

Yisrael Hayom believes, "It is impossible to ignore those voices heard among us which call for negotiations with Hamas, even if they are not that many," and adds, "But it is also impossible to ignore the voices heard in Gaza, such as those which were heard over the weekend, calling to wipe Israel from the map." The author asks, "After Hamas\’ horror show and display of hatred over the weekend, we can only wonder – what are we supposed to talk about with Hamas?" The paper reminds its reader that in his remarks, Mashaal asked for the privilege of dying a martyr\’s death and adds, "Well, if that\’s what he wants…"

The Jerusalem Post writes: "MK Amir Peretz\’s dramatic announcement Thursday that he was leaving the Labor Party for Tzipi Livni’s new list underscores the malaise of the splintered and embattled left-of-center camp. A fractured Left is bad not only for the Left. A political culture in which public figures with a strong following opt to create their own political parties instead of joining a larger, established party results in an unstable political system. Until 1996, the two largest political parties together consistently had more than 70 Knesset seats. Since 1999, the two largest parties have garnered fewer than half the 120 Knesset seats. And this state of affairs has hurt what political scientists call governance or governability – the ability of governments to make decisions and to follow through on them."

Haaretz calls for a re-examination of the way police conducted themselves when they shot and killed Mahmoud Al-Saadi, 17, of Lod after stopping the car he was driving at a major intersection in Ramle nine years ago, following the recent ruling in a damages suit filed by Al-Saadi\’s parents, that the shooting was "an unreasonable measure exceeding the required standard of caution."

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