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Ahmadinejad: Enemies trying to save Zionist regime

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 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday that "arrogant powers and enemies" are trying to save the "Zionist regime", according to the Islamic Republic\’s Press TV website.

Speaking during a meeting with senior Hamas official Mahmoud Zahar in Tehran, the Iranian president said that “arrogant powers and enemies of nations are trying to manage the developments in the region so as to save the Zionist regime [from obliteration].”
“We should not downplay and underestimate the plots and actions of the enemies…they may pretend to rebuke the Zionist regime, but their main objective is to save this regime,” the Iranian president said.
“We have to be more vigilant in a bid to be able to neutralize their conspiracies,” he added.
Commenting on the issue of Palestine and Palestinian rights, Ahmadinejad expressed hope that the Palestinians would soon regain their rights and return to their homeland, according to the report.
"We hope that all nations would soon obtain their rights including freedom, elections, independence and self-determination,” he said.
Press TV reported that Zahar offered his gratitude to the Islamic Republic for its “unflinching” support for the Palestinian people.
The meeting comes after the Hamas leader commented that the current international and Arab landscape prevents the possibility that the new Israeli coalition will launch military operations against Iran and Gaza, or attempt to recapture the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt.
"Not one of the leaders of the occupation can be classified as worse than the other. Attempts to categorize them as doves and hawks is incorrect, they are all fond of shedding Palestinian blood," Ma\’an news agency quoted Zahar as saying.

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