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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – August 22nd, 2012

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 Yediot Aharonot cautions that "The arguments being extrapolated from the direction of the Government on the subject of the Iranian nuclear [program] are demagogic and lacking in rationale." The author opines that "The threat of a \’second holocaust\’ or the stipulation of either \’bombing or the bomb\’, only serves to strengthen my opinion that there is no methodological thinking involved."

Ma\’ariv recommends that Israel "Leaves the United Nations. Our membership in this hypocritical and superfluous organization, which did not bother to expel one of its members who called for the destruction of another one of its members, is repulsive and intolerable."
Yisrael Hayom warns: "Beware of concepts. The assumption is that the Egyptians\’ interest is to uphold the peace agreement with Israel, but thus a dangerous concept has been built of the type that brought about the surprise on Yom Kippur."
The Jerusalem Post notes the warming relationship between Egypt and Iran as denoted by various indicators, such as the renewed diplomatic relations after over 30 years of estrangement caused by the Israel-Egypt peace agreement of 1979,  and states that “It appears there is very little the US or ‘moderate’ Arab states like Saudi Arabia can do to persuade [Egyptian President Mohamed] Morsy from pursuing a foreign policy that puts Egypt on a course of confrontation with the West.” The editor maintains that “It is abundantly evident that Egyptian foreign policy under the Muslim Brotherhood has deviated radically and dangerously since Mubarak’s ouster and neither the US nor the Saudis seem willing or able to confront Egypt’s Islamists,” and cautions: “None of this bodes well for Israel.”
Haaretz discusses what it terms “State-sponsored harassment,” and cites the case of “Transportation Ministry director general Alex Langer, who sexually harassed women who worked for him and promoted those who slept with him,” as a case in point.  The editor notes that Langer “has made a deal with the Civil Service Commission, under which he\’ll get off with a ‘severe’ reprimand and a dock in pay of one month\’s salary. He\’ll also no longer be permitted to work for the Transportation Ministry or in any other civil service position.” The editor asserts that “Sexual harassment and exploitation of female employees, articularly by a man in a very senior position, is not a minor violation, and declares: “It\’s a crime that must be uprooted and punished accordingly.” Nevertheless, the editor expresses his misgivings: “when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to cook up political deals with the help of Natan Eshel, a man ! who exploited his position as Netanyahu\’s bureau chief and admitted to improper behavior between a superior and subordinate, it\’s no wonder that the Transportation Ministry director general and sex offender gets off solely with a reprimand.”
[Dov Moran, Nadav Haetzni and Ze\’ev Jabotinski wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot, Ma\’ariv and Yisrael Hayom, respectively.]

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