Inicio NOTICIAS MFA condemns violence against African migrants

MFA condemns violence against African migrants

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns the arson of an apartment of African migrants which took place last night in Jerusalem. There is no justification to such a heinous crime that puts people\’s lives in harm\’s way.
The issue of migrants and infiltrators from Africa is not a simple one and it requires the government to address it in the most serious and responsible manner. Together with other government branches, the MFA is currently developing solutions to the various and complex aspects arising from this issue, in coordination with international parties.
No person has the right to violate the law and resort to violence against others, certainly not to endanger lives, for any reason whatsoever. Law and ethics prohibit any injury to the other, the guest and the foreigner. Jewish history compels us to take exceptional caution on these matters.

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