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Summary of Editorials from the Hebrew Press – March 27, 2012

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Yediot Aharonot contends that since 1943, when American
Jewish leader Rabbi Stephen Weiss made his famous remark at the height of World War II that "’American Jews are first and foremost Americans…’, the total
identification of U.S. Jews with America has only strengthened." The author argues that "The chasm that separates the new generation of U.S. Jews and
Israeli public opinion is not over the question of orthodox conversion, the
immigration of Falashmura or support of an attack on Iran. The most
controversial subject is the settlement enterprise. At a time when Israelis,
from the Left as well, have become accustomed to the settlements, and view them as part of our everyday existence, something like high taxes on autoobiles,
young American Jews view the settlements as a black moral stain on Israel’s

Ma’ariv believes that "It is impossible to contain a nuclear Iran which will provide a defensive umbrella to all its satellites. It is impossible to wait for Obama and American elections. The time has come to make a decision."

Yisrael Hayom opines that "It seems that the political awareness of those behind the ‘Iranians, we love you’ campaign derives from the routines of the ‘Eretz Nehederet’ comedy show, perhaps because the show’s ratings are higher than the news." The author continues: "I could not find any other nation demonstrating feelings of love towards the Iranians. Even Iran’s big supporters, Hezbollah and the Syrian regime are not overflowing with love on Facebook."

The Jerusalem Post refers to the controversy surrounding the proposal to permit Israelis living abroad to vote in local government elections and declares: “Let them vote.” The editor believes that “At the very least, Israelis living abroad for no longer than four years and who intend to return home should be given the right to vote,” and states: “Doing so would not only strengthen our ties with these ‘relocated’ Israelis, it would also reflect the reality that many of these people are no less part of the Jewish state than their brothers and sisters who are physically situated in Israel.”

Haaretz declares: “Israel’s motorcycle lobby is subverting democracy.” When biker protests against the cabinet’s intent to increase motorcycle insurance rates because of high accident rate failed, 3,000 bikers registered as Likud members. Consequently, the editor notes, “the drivers’ community will have to subsidize the bikers by half a billion shekels annually.” The editor declares that “The bikers’ joining the party serves as a means of pressure, while Likud and its MKs are subjecting legislation to the caprices of interested persons,” and calls on the cabinet, “whose incompetence has enabled this activity,” to “take responsibility back into its own hands and set a clear, carefully-considered policy.”

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