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Peres: Iranian people are not our enemies

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President Shimon Peres spoke at a ceremony marking the 63rd anniversary of the Knesset, calling for a renewal of the peace process with the Palestinians.
Peres stated, "We must answer the question of what kind of country do we want? A Jewish state within safe and recognized borders next to a separate and independent Palestinian state, or a country without borders that will turn into a binational state?"
The president also adressed the Iranian issue, saying that "a combination of discretion and valor" is required to deal with the threat that Tehran poses to Israel.
Peres stated that Iran, which seeks regional hegemony and has imperialist aims, "constitutes a real threat to all of humanity."
The president added, however, that the Iranian regime is the problem and that the people of Iran are not Israel’s enemies.
"We were not born enemies and there is no reason we should live as enemies. The Iranian people must know that they will not remain alone if they choose freedom and peace."

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