Inicio NOTICIAS FM Liberman meets with Brazilian Defense Minister Jobim

FM Liberman meets with Brazilian Defense Minister Jobim

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FM Liberman told the visiting minister that it is clear that Iran, which has gas and oil deposits, is not developing nuclear capabilities for peaceful means, and that the missiles that Iran is developing are not designed to provide nuclear energy for the sake of world peace. He added that Iran is the main source of funding for world terror, and denies the Holocaust and Israel’s right to exist. We have witnessed how Iran deals with its citizens after the elections there. The Iranian regime is a regime without moral values, and the danger it will pose to the world if it attains nuclear weapons is clear.

FM Liberman told Defense Minister Jobim that Israel expects the democratic countries of the world to support Israel’s position regarding the Goldstone report. No other country in the world would have permitted the firing of more than 6000 missiles at its cities over the course of eight years. If the enlightened world does not reject the Goldstone report, the ability of the democratic states to defend themselves against terror will be seriously impaired.

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