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AMIA’s president Replyed Ahmadinejad

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In an exclusive interview with the Jewish News Agency, AJN*, AMIA’s president praised the sensitivity of the Israeli government, backed the statement of Argentinean government, and criticized the nations that maintain relations with Iran.

-Iran accused Argentina of “meddling”, after critizing the appointment of Ahmad Vahidi as Defense minister. What do you think of that accusation?
A person for whom there is a warrant of arrest issued by INTERPOL no longer represents an issue between countries, it’s bigger that that. Iran, before accusing Argentina, must answer the request presented by Argentinean Justice, which was duly confirmed by INTERPOL. We’ve been waiting 15 years for the answer to come: that those responsible be brought to justice so that the ones killed can rest in peace.

-How do you react towards Vahidi’s appointment?
I consider that reality is now greater than the bloodiest fiction. I’m not surprised by the attitude of such people that after being summoned to appear before Argentinean Justice, still refuse to come. Only a few days after we held the central event that marked the 15th anniversary of the bombing, in which we accused Iran for its failure to cooperate, they appoint a person who was involved in the bombing and for whom INTERPOL has a warrant of arrest and a Red Notice. It is clear that they make fun of us, although Iran should give this person to INTERPOL.

-If you must analyze Ahmadinejad’s decision in the international arena, could you assert that Vahidi’s appointment confirms even further the existence of international terrorism and a new offensive?
Of course. It is a complete offense against the world in general and against Argentina in particular. Iran is rewarding someone who is considered guilty of the bombing against AMIA and who is also considered to be one of the most dangerous persons in the world.


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