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Hamas leader: Cameras, sensors found in tunnel collapse probe

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Itongadol.- Hamas\’s military wing located last week underground cameras and sensor meant to expose the terror group\’s network of attack tunnels and militant activities inside them, senior Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh said on Friday regarding an investigation launched by the group into several tunnel collapses in recent weeks.

Haniyeh used conciliatory rhetoric in his weekly Friday speech. "A new war on Gaza does not appear to be on the horizon, but Gaza has gained a system of deterrence, which doesn\’t mean it has a balance of terror."

He noted that Israel has been practicing defensive maneuvers, which he claimed was evidence that the IDF does not intend to embark on a new round of conflict in Gaza. Haniyeh further said that a breakthrough had occurred in talks between Israel and Turkey regarding the creation of a seaport in Gaza.

Palestinian media outlets and Hamas reported several tunnel collapses over the past month. More than ten Hamas operatives have died in the collapses, prompting the group to vow it would launch an investigation.

In early February, the IDF was spotted using engineering equipment to drill the ground near the Gaza border. Meanwhile, it has also begun installing classified technological systems for locating tunnels.

Fears have grown among Gaza border residents in recent weeks following residents\’ reports of drilling noises. Despite the ongoing reports, no attack tunnels have been found during the past year of searches.

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